PBMTV Friends Giving Weekend Pledge Drive

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PBMTV NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! After one year of broadcasting, Public Broadcasting Music Television has grown more than we can handle. We need your support to keep our growth at the same level as our Artist Membership. Thanksgiving Weekend, we will be hosting a 60 hour event with over 50 artists from all over the world. Become a member at our Basic Level of $5 a month or $50 a year, our Primary Level of $25 a month or $250 a year, or our Legacy Level of $100 a month or $1000 a year. All memberships and donations over $250 a year are tax deductible. PBMTV is a 501c3 Non-Profit Network. Schedule (ALL TIMES PST/ARTIST TIME ZONE OR EST):

FRIDAY 12pmPST/8pmGMT - Cay Coda 1pmPST/4pmEST - Andrea Brook and the Sonic Butterfly from Ojai, CA 2pmPST/5pmEST - StillDream Takeover 5pmPST/8pmEST - ILLUMINERTIA from Portland, OR 5:30pmPST/6:30pmMST - EOS from Denver, CO 6pmPST/8pmCST - BareBonesBloc LIVE from Hattiesburg, MS 8pmPST/9pmMST - illacrew with Drum and Basement LIVE from Denver, CO 10pmPST/8pmHST - Sarah Glass from Maui, HI 10:30pmPST/1:30amEST - Lifeform Takeover

SATURDAY 4amPST/8pmGMT+8 Apsara from Expression Festival 6amPST/5amMST - EOS from Denver, CO 6:30amPST/8pmIST DJane PsyGear from Hyperabad, India 7amPST/10amEST Lucidity Takeover 11amPST/8pmGMT+1 Landaudio from Essaouira, Morocco 12pmPST/8pmGMT Dynamix from Kilmarnock, Scotland 1pmPST/9pmGMT Pierrot The Acid Clown from Bristol, England 2pmPST/12pmHST Sarah Glass from Maui, HI 2:30pmPST/5:30pmEST BassFreq with Jah Bliddie LIVE from Los Angeles, California 4pmPST/7pmEST Exult Records Takeover with Mister Anderson and Miss Marie LIVE from New Jersey 6pmPST/9pmEST Match Game Apocalypse LIVE from Bay Area, CA 7pmPST/10pmEST Banjolectric from Cornerstone Brewery in Berkeley, California 8pmPST/11pmEST Maddy O'Neal from Cornerstone Brewery in Berkeley, California 9pmPST/12amEST Dirtwire from Cornerstone Brewery in Berkeley, California 10pmPST/1amEST Bubble Bash LIVE from Portland, Oregon

SUNDAY 4amPST/7amEST Trianna Feruza from Santa Cruz, California 5amPST/8pmGMT+7 Otyken from Krasnoyarsk, Russia 6amPST/9amEST High Vibe Records Takeover 9amPST/5pmGMT KDKDJS Keep On Techno Takeover LIVE from Northern Ireland 2pmPST/5pmEST bosskatie and Aluna Dragon from Phoenix, Arizona 3pmPST/6pmEST Sunday Mass with RevMcDev LIVE from New England 5pmPST/8pmEST Mr.EyesLee's Playground LIVE from New England 8pmPST/11pmEST Donald Glaude from Seattle, Washington 9pmPST/12amEST Trianna Feruza from Santa Cruz, California 10pmPST/1pmGMT+7 Otyken from Krasnoyarsk, Russia